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WordPress 4.9.4 Maintenance Release
Posted on Tuesday February 06, 2018

WordPress 4.9.4 is now available. This maintenance release fixes a severe bug in 4.9.3, which will...

WordPress 4.9.3 Maintenance Release
Posted on Monday February 05, 2018

WordPress 4.9.3 is now available. This maintenance release fixes 34 bugs in 4.9, including fixes for...

The Month in WordPress: January 2018
Posted on Friday February 02, 2018

Things got off to a gradual start in 2018 with momentum starting to pick up over the course of the...


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This feature allows employees to submit complaints in a messaging system that allows for messages to “self-destruct” after they are read. Once read, they are gone; deleted from servers.The anonymous complaint is delivered in a report to the company to help evaluate potential employee relations issues, without associating the complaint with the individual

DISCLAIMER: By submitting this complaint you are authorizing Vero Integritas Global (Vero) to communicate your anonymous complaint directly to your employer. Vero will not intentionally share your personal information with your employer with regard to your complaint. By clicking the SEND button, You are authorizing the submission of this complaint to the named designated representative for your employer. You have agreed to release Vero from any legal responsibility for protecting your anonymity with regard to the submission of this information in the event that your employer, at any time, for any reason, identifies you as the complainant. Vero does not provide legal or financial advice, if you feel you need legal assistance; it is highly recommended that you seek legal representation or seek the advice of an account.